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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of

Here we describe how we use and protect your information on as member:

1- We protect our users informations.

2- we will never share or rent your contact or other informations about you to any third party.

3-We store your informations in our database for the good functions of our website and your account on

4-We use your informations to contact you or re-store your account in the case if you lost your password ect….

5- Our website use cookies to store your sessions in the next time you visit our website.

6- We do not send unsolicited emails to t from us either from any thrid parties .We only email your about our latest news and updates or important notifications regarding your account. We will never send you Spam emails from our partners orthird parties other than Your email adress is stored in our database as part of your account and registartion and the good working of features of the site as login or retrieving your lost password or any general update regarding your account and to contact you for our newsletters.

7-Please read our terms of conditions page to start using our website services.


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